Badass Sriracha Salt
Badass Sriracha Salt
Badass Salt

Badass Sriracha Salt

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Sriracha Salt is made from an infusion of hot peppers and sea salt.

Most Sundays we start our day with sauteed greens from the garden with an egg on top and of course a sprinkle of Sriracha Salt. It's a delicious, healthy breakfast. We love it on roasted peppers and we have friends who use it on the rim of a margarita glass. Who knew salt could be so Badass!

Badass Salts are the perfect, personalized hosting gift, offering an array of tantalizing and creative seasoning salts. Each salt flavor is handmade using hand-picked ingredients including herbs, vegetables, spices and more.

Each tin contains 4oz. of salt with a clear top, displaying the unique visual appeal of each flavor, and comes wrapped in a gift box. The packets, also 4oz., are colorful and equally giftable on their own while also acting as refills for the display jar.

Use them on sweets, savories and even the rim of a Margherita glass!