Lin's Aloe & Organic Jojoba Oil Hair Conditioner Bar
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Lin's Aloe & Organic Jojoba Oil Hair Conditioner Bar

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Jojoba Oil is one of the greatest oils for our hair due to its fatty acid profile which is similar to human sebum. So it suits all hair types, helps strengthen the hair, regulates sebum production, gives shine, and also locks in moisture so hair feels soft and vivid. It repairs damaged hair and split ends by settling on the outer cuticle of each strand and helping to 'fill in the cracks. Lin uses organic jojoba oil that is Expeller Pressed, Hexane-Free.

How to use it?
Gently rub around the bar to get proper amount of the conditioner than apply to your hair. To the part where hair is tangled, could also take the bar gently glide through it. 

Each bar weighs approx. 1.9 oz. Use up to 60 times depending on the length of hair.

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