"The Arlene"
"The Arlene"
The Old Dockton Press

"The Arlene"

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 The cards are stamped by the artist on both the front and back.

  • Single Card or Set of 6.
  • Cards are 5”x7”
  • Printed on heavy card stock.
  • Blank Inside.
  • Includes envelopes.

This piece is created using three carved blocks.  The ship itself is carved from linoleum and the stamp is carved from a large rubber block.  The linoleum block is run through an etching press and the image carved in the rubber block is transferred with a Woodzilla press.  The blue stripes on the Arline is a separate carved block.  The story surrounding the Arline is below:

The Arline

Once home to the largest dry dock North of San Francisco, the little village of Dockton devolved into a quaint fishing village by the 1930s.  Located on Maury island, it naturally became home to a number of families who made their livelihoods as commercial fishermen in Alaska.  The Arline and Captain Jerry spent their early days running off to the Bering Sea and returning home to winter in Dockton.  By all accounts, the Arline was a coveted vessel and a sight to behold as she cruised through Quartermaster Harbor with Jerry at the helm.  

Eventually, the Arline and her Captain slowed down.  She stayed close to home.  He took up gardening.  They both began to give way to old age, and Captain Jerry was finally taken from this earth and his beloved Arline.  She remained yar until one winter’s night when an old pump that was keeping her afloat quietly died.  Over a matter of hours, the Arline lowered herself into the water.  She was finally at rest, just like Captain Jerry.  

Baring her bones at low tide, I give you The Arline.

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